Cookies for COVID

It’s bizzarre this pandemic. My usual routine is completely upset! I am unable to swim. The only yoga classes and exercise classes I can take online.

But I can bake!

Parkin drop cookies

Test knitting an anklet on Ravelry

So lately I have been obsessed with knitting. And for the past 10 days I have been obsessively stitching And ripping out a wonderful Dana Gervais anklet pattern called tailgate.

I volunteered to make it in a large size and my husband volunteered to try it on. He is very ticklish so he asked me to put it on over his sock.

In October I finished the second sock. IMG_9187

I dont have a picture of the pair complete!


Adventures In Sock Making

I have gone down a rabbit hole of sock making. Since January I have made seven socks!

This was the second sock that I have made since 1980 , It’s fraternal twin came out a bit wonky but it still fits which is what socks are designed to do. As you can tell I am not much for ripping out because as stated They are only socks.This was either the fourth or fifth sock I produced. It is the pattern tailgate by the amazing sock designer Dana Gervais. I produced one sock for testing in a much finer weight of yarn and then I decided that I needed bed socks So I made these in the same pattern

These socks were made from yarn that I fell in love with! It was self striping and it directed you when it was time to make the heel. I did the cat bhordi “sweet tomato heel ” and then finished the toes by dividing the stitches and creating a big toe so that I can wear them with flip flops .

These socks have come in handy in many ways. I find a great comfort in knitting !

Pamela’s Dishrag

This is a pattern I developed in honor of my fourth friend in my life who happened to be named Pamela.

All of these Pamela’s have enhanced  my life at different stages.

I am the worst in the knitter world but I got graded for enthusiasm, I would be at the head of the class!

I developed this  pattern because I wanted a thicker more absorbent dishrag . the  slight curl  due to the alternating rows of purling and knitting on both sides of the stockinette based stitch in the center. It resembles a Christmas ornament.

This is a variation on a typical granny square, where you knit alternating rows at the on the underneath of the previous purl stitch. This makes gives the dishrag back of the stitch  more absorbent powers!


I will follow up with the pattern when I get a chance.

so for the pattern

cast on three stitches with an overhand knot leaving a 12 inch tail.

row 1 k1 kfb k

turn work over and do the same

row 2 k 1 kfb k until end of row.

k1 kfb p p p Move marker *k1 k1pickupstitchbelow * repeat until you get to the mar

repeat this 8 times so that you have and place markers in between first four stiches and a last four stiches. a space for the pattern in the center of the work

then you will continue knitting alternating  rows  of the following 2 rows until your work increases to 44 stitches across.

k1 kfb p p p Move marker *k1 k1pickupstitchbelow * repeat until you get to the mar




Attempting Cocoa Tahini Sesame Crunch DC Tuesday Baking


These were a wonderful chocolate chocolate chip cookie with a sesame brittle mixed in to the cookie dough. The cookie had a great texture and flavor.

I wanted to serve it to my friends who do not  like to eat gluten, one of my amazing yoga teachers and one of my swimming buddies. I used the gluten free measure for measure product in this recipe. I was happy to report it adapted well to being gluten free.

My sister and I are immersed in eldercare so baking  cookies was a nice break.


Attempting Golden Buttermilk Bread

I bake bread. The reasons are part knead, part want, part therapy and part routine. The loaves I make vary depending on what leftovers I need to use up.

Last month I found myself with some extra buttermilk to use up, so I went to the internet and ended up at the King Arthur Flour Website.

The bread does not have any pictures and has very few reviews, but it is worth making.. I have also made it substituting yoghurt for the buttermilk.

Here is the link.



Attempting Twice Baked Petit Beurre Cookies – BCM -Tuesday Baking

Spring really is here! Cars are coated with green oak pollen, dogwoods are out and guess what is in the local supermarket?  RHUBARB!

Spring has sprung, and I was glad to see that these bulbs survived for another year!

Springtime cookies and rhubarb bitters were a big hit!

What a decadent ,  delectable cookie! I formed them in unusual way more like the Corked Breton Cookies except with out the imprint in the baked cookie. My yield was 18 cookies that I formed in muffin tins. I also added about 30 grams of golden syrup to the final dough so they would be a wee bit tougher. They were still tender and really crumbly. I justified these hacks because I was not in the mood to deal with a labor intensive cookie.

Perhaps these dont look smooth but they tasted great. What an exquisite texture.

The rhubarb turned out delicious-Not  the way I usually make rhubarb , But I was willing to try it and I liked it! So much that I’ve repeated it again since the initial recipe. So if the oven on anyway you might as will be baking some rhubarb!IMG_4359

Well here it is the the third Tuesday in May, and I am getting my guerilla garden in. I come from a family of gardeners.  hope to get some tomatoes, lemon verbena, basil, thyme and dill. I found some expired lettuce seed at my dads house and I threw them in the ground.