January 21, 2017


Last Saturday I took the train to New York to participate with many thousands of other people in  a march up 5th avenue. I had been frantically knitting my pink hat most of the day Friday, and I scrawled my slogan on a piece of oak tag and was able to wear it.

The train was packed but I did get a seat. I arrived at Grand Central early enough to wonder around. It was filled with groups and their banners ,” Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport” , is one I can remember . Then I noticed a woman in her 70s carrying a four foot high penis.  It was hard to miss. I ran into a science teacher I had worked with and during the day I saw several people from my former life.

Eventually I met up with Mary and eventually we met up with her friends. As it turned out the woman that was carrying the giant penis was one of the original Gorilla Girls, and she was part of Mary’s friend’s group.

The giant penis did cause quite a stir, with many people taking dick picks of it. I dont think I will ever again spend a Saturday shuffling down 5th Ave following a giant penis. If I fell  behind. I would exclaim “I am with the penis”web-copy12117



I know this is only the beginning of my resistance. I will spend more time making a better sign.




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