These cookies were created on St Paddys Day hence the  addition of the green sanding sugar. The first batch of six I made cracked when they got corked , so I made the next six a bit thicker, eventually  I remedied the cracking dough effect when being corked by using wet hands when I patted the dough into the muffin tins.   I used a seedless blackberry jam for filling . My better half was thrilled and  consumed quite a few while he was home. I packed up the rest and sent them off  with  him on his business trip to soothe the savage code monkeys. He works in IT, and home baked goods in the office are always a good thing.

The reason why the first picture is so yellow is that I was playing with the filters when I edited the photographs.


I look forward to making them  again.


  1. Good idea to use the sanding sugar for St. Patrick’s Day! These were so good. I made a second batch on a cookie sheet and those ones cracked a bit, but no one minded.


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