Attempting Lemon Tart a new way – BCM – Tuesday Baking 

This pie started with memories of my friend, Laurie, who loves lemon meringue pie. It was my first time attempting a lemon meringue pie . Although the meringue topping  was new too me , I needed /wanted to purchase a heat gun for broiling the meringue.

I knew that I wanted the pie to have as much shelf life after making as it possibly could so I decided to make an Italian meringue topping. This was the pan that I was supposed to use; I opted for a normal pie pan.

This was after I had taken the first slice out of the tart.

 This recipe had many steps but it was worth it because it was really delicious. My better half gave it the ultimate compliment of being “Thanksgiving Worthy”. A wonderful combination of tart lemon filling and a flavorful tender crust topped with a lovely meringue. This would also be an easy pie to convert to being gluten free since only the crust has wheat in it,
I look forward to making it again.

This is part of a baking project that I participate in on Tuesdays .

To see what other folks have done go to the TWD Blogroll!

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