Attempting TWD DC Goat cheese crackers #CookiesAndKindness

It has been a busy month for me!

But I was glad to make it into this months Tuesdays With Dorie baking. The idea is that the first and third Tuesday of  each month bakers around the world bake a preplanned recipe from Dorie Greenspans Cookie Cook book.

This month it was the savory Chèvre cheese and chive cracker, which got served to honor my friend Kelly at her  birthday party. The headnotes of the recipe recommend serving it with Prosecco  but none of us were feeling the need to be a bit more temperate in our indulgences, however I think that  next month we will indulge a bit and pop open the Prosecco!

The only thing that I would do different next time is since I go by my grandmothers philosophy that food does not have to look perfect it just has to taste good. She was famous for a dense chocolate cake ” that looked awful but tasted delicious” , so in Grandma Corinne’s honor the next time I make these, instead of rolling the dough flat , out, I would roll it up in a cylinder. I would chill the cylinders and then  slice off and bake them as directed.

Other than that a real keeper of a recipe !